Below are links you may find helpful.

Sarnia Pregnancy Centre

Personhood Movement in Canada:
an examination of where the unborn child stands in Canada.

Media Campaign commercials Lambton Right to Life partners with Alliance for Life Ontario‘s Reaching Minds Through Media Campaign.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers:

Listings for the United States, Canada, England, Australia and International centers.

Life Canada:
The National Pro-Life Educational Umbrella Group
Phone: 1.866.780-life (life = 5433)

Natural Family Planning:
Fertility Care

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition:
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Feminist for Life of America:
Feminists For Life

Did you know that the original feminist foremothers were pro-life? Feminism at it’s best!

Physicians for Life:
Canadian Physicians For Life

… affirming the Hippocratic tradition in medicine of “Do no Harm”, we are a non-profit, charitable organization of Canadian physicians dedicated to the respect and ethical treatment of every human being, regardless of age or infirmity.

Youth oriented pro-life web site: