We have celebrated with gratitude the many blessings of living in Canada, but the great tragedy of approximately 100,000 abortions per year continues to shame our country.

On June 30, 2016, The National Post published an article by Michelle Hauser entitled: Pro-life debates, with a sci-fi twist. The author wrote that “advancements in neonatal medicine are pushing the envelope of fetal viability well beyond what anyone ever imagined.” She noted that in Canada, there were 605 late-term abortions performed on unborn children at 21 weeks’ gestation or more...

With changes in fetal viability and other developments, “Head-in-sand will no longer be an option for any government or its electorate. Medicine is advancing too quickly. How remarkable it will be when science forces us to have a debate that politics had apparently put to rest.”
This article is definitely worth sharing with others. The link is:

Here’s another important link showing medical animations of abortion from the unborn child’s perspective:
Live Action prepared these animations with the help of former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levantino. (WARNING: No blood is shown but the information is very disturbing.)

May we never cease to insist that our country protect the right to life of all Canadians.

Lambton Right to Life has developed two new bus adsfeaturing the Personhood theme. These ads are designed to educate the public on the fact that the unborn child is the only group of human beings who have not been granted legal personhood under the Canadian Criminal Code. The public is prompted to go on-line to sign the personhood petition.

Interior Bus Ad:

Exterior Bus Ad:

Sarnia Transit Pulled Pro-Life Ad

Pro-Life Free Speech Suppressed in Canada
Connie Lorantfy, June 2009

We have all witnessed over the past years an increase in the attempts to silence the Christian pro-life view. From university campuses where Pro-Life groups have been denied club status, events being shut down and students even charged with trespassing on their own campuses as they carried out a planned event.

Life Canada was also a target of this suppression as a result of their 2008 national campaign that we participated in by sending out post cards to our MP’s which read, “9 months. The length of time an abortion is allowed in Canada. No medical reason needed. Abortion. Have we gone too far?” These ads were then censored by the Advertising Standards Canada (ASC), a self-regulating body of Canada’s advertising industry, which ruled the ads “deceptive”. They banned Life Canada from using the ad. The claim is backed up by Statistics Canada itself. However, 60 percent of reported abortions have no gestational age recorded. But in 2004, Stats Can records 5 babies aborted after 33 weeks. The ad is not deceptive, but instead truthful.

The City of Hamilton received 3 complaints when the campaign first started in 2008 and the city instituted a ban on any pro-life advertising on buses and transit shelters. However, Hamilton Right to Life filed a human rights complaint stating that the city violated the right to freedom of expression and denied equal treatment and the right to contract on equal terms because of discrimination against its position on abortion. In late April of 2009, the City of Hamilton lifted this ban. The ad has been revised to meet the guidelines of the ASC. It now reads: “A Human heart begins to beat 21 days after conception. Currently in Canada that heartbeat can be stopped up until birth. No medical reason needed. Abortion. Have we gone too far?” Hamilton Right to Life has dropped their human rights complaint. (3) This is a winning outcome.

In Sarnia, this was the ad that we ran on the city buses. It ran without incident for a year. Then, due to a complaint in early April 2009, from a St. Francis Xavier student doing a school project (4) the ads were reviewed by City Council. When they discovered the Advertising Standards Canada ruling on the ad, they were quick to stand behind that ruling. Lambton Right to Life did submit a letter to Council regarding the review. Many others also sent letters to Council. At the council meeting that was to discuss this issue, Lou Billet, President, and Sylvia DeBoer were present to answer any questions that might have arisen. A brief time was spent on the issue citing the ASC ruling and that future complaints should be forwarded to the ASC. The ad was pulled from the buses. (5)

With that being said, we received much support from those involved with the dispute as our ads have always been approved before being displayed. Currently, we have a new ad running with one large ad on the outside of a bus and 10 smaller ads inside several other ones.

Many people have felt the heat personally for speaking up on their views regarding abortion. Nurses, pharmacists and doctors have had issues with their own professional associations and the human rights commission. Anyone in a professional association can be “silenced” by the threat of losing their license to earn a living. (6)

What about us? Are we willing to stand for God’s truth that He alone is the creator and sustainer of life? We might have a price to pay in the near future. “We must obey God rather than men!” Acts 5:29

The Observer Online Poll – Sarnia Transit has pulled a pro-life ad from its fleet following a complaint. Do you believe city buses should carry messages about controversial topics like abortion and religion?

* 78% responded yes; it’s a question of free speech
* 22% replied no; it’s the wrong forum for divisive issues
(567 total responses)

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Abortion Breast Cancer Bus Ad:


What if You’re Wrong Ad: